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Splittin Trees – Early Season Snowboard

Always a good way to start the season and getting the cobwebs out.  A little backcountry snowmobile snowboard mission with quick sender drop through the trees.  Riders: Andrew McGettigan and Dave Reuss.


Welcome Back – POW Jefferson State 2 Premiere

If you like to ride trails, then you’ll want to make sure you get a copy of the newest POW release Jefferson State 2. All but one clip is trails, besides the partying and debauchery the POW boys are known for, this is one of the best trails videos you will see. You could say […]


DS – Shredding in Review

One year ago I decided to quit my full time job.  I quit it with aspirations to pursue some personal areas and opportunities that I had available in my life.  Travel, bikes, snow, relationships, exploration, and foundations were some of those areas and opportunities.  With an overwhelming amount of support from my previous employer, a […]


Santa Cruz – Roastin Dubs on the Central Coast

  The hills and gullies of Santa Cruz County have held a healthy set of running trails ever since my first visit back in 2004.  DeLaVeaga, Watsonville, Chunky, Freedom 40 all cornerstone spots amongst other small single line sets of jumps have sustained the BMX beach community and non-kook visitors for nearly the last decade. […]


A – Day – in the woods

  You’d be impressed too. When you walk through Aaron’s trails you realize you’re surrounded with massive piles of hand stacked red Jefferson State clay. The thing about clay is that it has more pores than other soils, so it’s heavy. These piles have been stacked with the dedicated shovelmanship of Aaron Day, amongst help […]


It’s Spooky – POW Halloween

  On an average visit to Jefferson State, it might be fairly common to have one of your alter egos surface, & guide you on some vision quest. The rad part about the annual halloween trail jam is everyone is able to fully embrace those personas together. The end of October has been a normally […]