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BuckWild – Freeride MTB Build / Shred

If you want something to ride, sometimes you just have to build it.  A good mix of technical, natural features, and a few man made features round out this short feature trail for some good quick laps. Just prior to getting to test the line, the whole entire forest around the newly built trail had […]


Crossover RE/Volution – Backcountry Circus

It rained, it snowed, it was sunny.  There were sleds, shreds, and skis.  It turned out to be a awesome gathering of backcountry shredders with different ideas, talents, and offerings here in Central Oregon.  While the weather could have been a bit better for shredding, plenty of good times were had with friends new and […]


People of High Mountain Places

Central Oregon in the springtime leaves us with a deep snowpack.  All the anxious October people are out of the mountains soaking up the sun at any numerous bar-side patios, which leaves the mountains quiet, yet ready to offer more hospitable riding conditions for those who seek it.  A group of Volcano Riders has been […]


Volcano Run – Backcountry Adventure

The end of the season in Central Oregon can be pretty amusing.  We’ll get sunny summer like temps one day, then have 2 feet of fresh snow the next.  It is possible to go rideyourbikesnowboardsnomobilemoto all in one day, and if you aren’t well then you’re probably drinking beer like the rest of everyone in […]


AK Dreamin – Excursion Heli Shred

We live in a time where there is a device for every element a human can encounter. Cooking, cleaning, warmth, water, building, travel, social, we have it all, at once. Now strip away all the surrounding infrastructure, resources, & components that help build these devices to be left with only final, refined pieces that can […]


DS – Shredding in Review

One year ago I decided to quit my full time job.  I quit it with aspirations to pursue some personal areas and opportunities that I had available in my life.  Travel, bikes, snow, relationships, exploration, and foundations were some of those areas and opportunities.  With an overwhelming amount of support from my previous employer, a […]