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BuckWild – Freeride MTB Build / Shred

If you want something to ride, sometimes you just have to build it.  A good mix of technical, natural features, and a few man made features round out this short feature trail for some good quick laps. Just prior to getting to test the line, the whole entire forest around the newly built trail had […]


Crossover RE/Volution – Backcountry Circus

It rained, it snowed, it was sunny.  There were sleds, shreds, and skis.  It turned out to be a awesome gathering of backcountry shredders with different ideas, talents, and offerings here in Central Oregon.  While the weather could have been a bit better for shredding, plenty of good times were had with friends new and […]


Backcountry Kicker Build #1

Winter time mornings can start pretty early.  They usually start the night before, a little planning, some gear, food, and sled prep to make sure you can get out and get in.  Many times you can do all this planning, early waking, and not accomplish much besides a pretty good time. This outing, Andrew wanted […]


Out of the fog – Splitboarding Mt. Adams

Written By: Joey Martin Mt. Adams located in Washington state is one of the most powerful mountains to behold in the Pacific Northwest. It boasts the second highest peak in the state only to be outdone by its rival behemoth, Mt. Rainier. Sitting at 12,540, it is a destination for any avid rider looking to […]


A – Day – in the woods

  You’d be impressed too. When you walk through Aaron’s trails you realize you’re surrounded with massive piles of hand stacked red Jefferson State clay. The thing about clay is that it has more pores than other soils, so it’s heavy. These piles have been stacked with the dedicated shovelmanship of Aaron Day, amongst help […]


Chutes and Roots – Hometown hangtime

  There’s a reason people call a place home. Sometimes it takes packing your bags and leaving the place, hitting the road not in search of much. But when you’re out and about you start to realize those things that make you call that place home. It’s the people, it’s the routines, it’s the places […]