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BuckWild – Freeride MTB Build / Shred

If you want something to ride, sometimes you just have to build it.  A good mix of technical, natural features, and a few man made features round out this short feature trail for some good quick laps. Just prior to getting to test the line, the whole entire forest around the newly built trail had […]


Backcountry Kicker Build #1

Winter time mornings can start pretty early.  They usually start the night before, a little planning, some gear, food, and sled prep to make sure you can get out and get in.  Many times you can do all this planning, early waking, and not accomplish much besides a pretty good time. This outing, Andrew wanted […]


DS – Shredding in Review

One year ago I decided to quit my full time job.  I quit it with aspirations to pursue some personal areas and opportunities that I had available in my life.  Travel, bikes, snow, relationships, exploration, and foundations were some of those areas and opportunities.  With an overwhelming amount of support from my previous employer, a […]


Colorado Clouds – Gassparks Vail Go Pro Build

Here’s a few snaps from the Vail Go Pro Mountain Games slopestyle build and competition.  I was one of four builders on the build crew for the two week project.  This build took us throughout some rad Colorado country to meet quite a few gracious individuals that  provided us with some solid resources that helped us […]


Don’t Dirty Jersey

  After shredding an opening  POW day at Mt. Bachelor, and eating the best damn turkey leg your house-mate could tear off his prized turkey, I was two flights away from the East Coast, and another project building sweet stuff to ride.  A 4:30am wake up call beckoned, and I was off to New Jersey to […]


Zion Desert Overflow – Red Bull Rampage

  Desert Life.  Dust, sunsets, sharp rocks, long dirt roads, minimal supplies, sunsets.  With it’s minimal abundance, the desert could seemingly take the life out of a man, with not much trouble.  It will let un-suspecting visitors come easily, and  quite possibly never let them return.  What happens to the people who don’t return?  Do […]