BuckWild – Freeride MTB Build / Shred


If you want something to ride, sometimes you just have to build it.  A good mix of technical, natural features, and a few man made features round out this short feature trail for some good quick laps.

Just prior to getting to test the line, the whole entire forest around the newly built trail had been gone through by a company bucking up deadfall, and cleaning up potential fire hazard, hence “BuckWild”, the whole forest had been ripped through.

After cleaning some logs off the trail, and continuing up hill, it was ready to drop from the top.  Seeing the ideas come to life, and starting a private reserve for Daily Shredder, we shall see if the trails survives past the clearing and most likely controlled burning this season.

Dave Reuss

About Dave Reuss

They say you can take the kid out of Cottonwood, but ya can't take the Cottonwood outta the kid, which has led this small town time traveler in search of landscapes to ride far and near. Trail rider, snow smasher, roofer, undercover nerd, it's a mixed bag of good times.