Crossover RE/Volution – Backcountry Circus

It rained, it snowed, it was sunny.  There were sleds, shreds, and skis.  It turned out to be a awesome gathering of backcountry shredders with different ideas, talents, and offerings here in Central Oregon.  While the weather could have been a bit better for shredding, plenty of good times were had with friends new and old, and some good riding indeed took place.

Todd and crew pushed up a 10′ quarter pipe at the base of the Elk Lake Dock, so people could get towed in by sleds and a sweet session went down Friday night.  Over the course of the three days, people built jumps, shredded soul split and AT lines in new zones, and braap’d sleds around.  Saturday night held a photo show from Dave Reuss and Lane Pearson with their captures from various excursions and crews throughout the weekend.

The right group of people with proper attitudes really makes all the difference in the world.  This was a weekend shared with similar folks, and it really showed.  What a pleasure to meet those that I did, and enjoy good times in the mountains for a few days.

Thanks to Todd McViney for organizing and getting a great group of supporters to host the first Crossover Re/Volution: Elk Lake Resort, CoAvy, Mountain Supply, Snoplanks, Carribeaner Coffee, Blackstrap, TailG8 Industries, and having the Daily Shredder help with the promotion and t-shirts.

Below are highlighted pictures that were captured over the three days of the event.

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Dave Reuss

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They say you can take the kid out of Cottonwood, but ya can't take the Cottonwood outta the kid, which has led this small town time traveler in search of landscapes to ride far and near. Trail rider, snow smasher, roofer, undercover nerd, it's a mixed bag of good times.