Santa Cruz – Roastin Dubs on the Central Coast

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The hills and gullies of Santa Cruz County have held a healthy set of running trails ever since my first visit back in 2004.  DeLaVeaga, Watsonville, Chunky, Freedom 40 all cornerstone spots amongst other small single line sets of jumps have sustained the BMX beach community and non-kook visitors for nearly the last decade.

People like Mike Hernandez, Jackson Allen, Brandon York & Jordan Murdock have been some of the key dirt stackers over the years.  If you’re a welcomed guest at any of the places these dudes dig, you’ll realize very quickly how stoked they are to have you, and will show you some of the best trail hospitality around.  It’s been that way ever since I first rode Mike and Jay’s spot in Watsonville.  The supportive nature & open-ness that seems to persist in most areas of Santa Cruz County breeds a rad crew to roast with.   This mindset keeps the old dudes around, attracts new dudes to be a part of the goodness, and lures visitors from Coasts far and wide.  The newest set of trails called Freedom 40 has been developing over the last few years into a really ride-able set of jumps with some rad locals.

It’s good to visit a set of trails near their inception, and come back years later to see a established set of jumps that has been gettin tuned up, and revised into some good flowing lines.  A big thanks to Mike Hernandez, Jackson Allen,  Guy, and Cobb nice work dudes!

Older Santa Cruz BMX Trail Shots

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