A – Day – in the woods


You’d be impressed too. When you walk through Aaron’s trails you realize you’re surrounded with massive piles of hand stacked red Jefferson State clay. The thing about clay is that it has more pores than other soils, so it’s heavy. These piles have been stacked with the dedicated shovelmanship of Aaron Day, amongst help by fellow Jefferson State diggers over the last two seasons.

The first time I visited Aaron this year was in the middle of February. His trails had just underseen a major re-stacking of the first years line, with the addition of a couple freshly stacked piles. A set of trails in the middle of digging season, can look like a maniac on a rage of mescaline, or some other psychotropic on their way through the desert in search of an oasis. A wreck, a goodtime, an artist in the middle of a masterpiece, or whatever, this was the place I visited.

I came back a month and a half later, and as the season became closer to spring so did the hours of diggin turn into jumps ready for roasting. I’ve known Aaron for a lot of years, and I’ve seen nearly all the jumps he’s ever built, at least shown me, or have been together to throw shovels on. It’s been over ten years, it’s been at least thirteen.

When I walked around the trails for the third time in the last two and a half months, I could tell by just looking at the jumps, if Aaron ever had a resume, this was it. As much as I wandered around dazed and confused by the rubber banned water piece that floated about the trails, I walked with a sense of purpose knowing these jumps needed jumped; the same as money is meant for spending and women meant for luving.

After riding I was just as impressed as when I got to see these bad boys un-tarped for the first time, they’re dialed! Can’t wait for the summer time sessions. Thanks Aaron!

Dave Reuss

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They say you can take the kid out of Cottonwood, but ya can't take the Cottonwood outta the kid, which has led this small town time traveler in search of landscapes to ride far and near. Trail rider, snow smasher, roofer, undercover nerd, it's a mixed bag of good times.