Bat Country Builders – Rampage 2012 Course Construction


It’s coming up on three weeks in the Utah desert, and there has got to be something going on.  I was invited down to Virgin, UT by Jeremy Witek, of G.A.S.S. Skateparks to bring my camera gear, bike, and not much else to follow the building of Red Bull Rampage 2012 with the builders.  Never being to the desert, and especially four miles out into the Desert Backcountry, I really had no idea of what was in front of me.

One thing is for certain, if you put me in an environment that is outside, involves building some sweet stuff to shred, that is super scenic, and I have an extended amount of time to do this, I am going to be STOKED!  Everyday we rally out to the desert on either mini-bikes, desert rally cars called TomCars, or some sort of normal vehicle with some sort of alteration.  Every lap into and from the desert is pinned, carrying loads of woods on trailers, tools in the tomcars, or hot lapping the mini bike, we shred.

Once into the desert our daily rituals vary, but there is some sort of building going on, usually on precarious slopes near giant cliff edges.  Paint may be involved, gasoline definently is, compressed air, and blades of fury run all day.  What for?  So the best freeride mountain bikers in the world can come throw down.  Here’s what we get up to because in a week these dudes are going to be full tilt sending it, and put together some amazing lines.

This gallery is for your viewing pleasure, and for me to offload just a fraction of what I’ve been up to down here. Stay tuned, we have been.



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