BMX, Beers, Banjos, & Booty – Oregon BMX Treasure Hunt


Oregon cities like to claim their fame by having the highest ‘something’ per capita of any town in the US or state for that matter.  Name your vice – beer, skateparks, or women, there’s an Oregon town, that does one of these real good.  Upon the bounty of promise Oregon had in store, Chris Riesner drove from San Francisco to Bend to grab me up to start getting our vices checked off the list.

Within an hour of being in Bend Oregon, we were pedaling at top speed ditching the cops while on our way to devour some beers in the capital of micro-breweries.  Our evasive double back maneuvers, quick alley finding, and  Chris’ smooth talking kept me safe in the alley, and both of us on our way to get that beer in our blood stream.  A few hours later, and quite a few beers deep, our bike ride landed us safely  at Taco Salsa…Bend’s finest late nite eating. If you end up here, you know you’re hammered, but you might not realize it till the next morning.

A slow start to the next day resulted in us departing for Portland to check out the release of a rad new pool riding BMX book by Dean Dickinson.  Before we were completely out of Central Oregon, we hit up Madras Skatepark to wear off our prior nights vice indulgence.  Chris was able to link the bowls together, and we got primed for a week of deep bowls and big quarters.

BMX is awesome, and a gathering of BMXers is like a family re-union.  Within moments of being in PDX, fellow shredder and friend Brad Tibets greeted us, and was ready to show us a damn good time for the next few days.  In true BMX brotherly fashion, Brad took us to the sure fire good time spots.   Karaoke, morning Burnside session, hidden spots in the woods, rope swings in Washington, deep bowls in suburb skateparks, and steak lunch at the Acropolis, a few more skateparks and women off our vice list.

We made our way up into Washington to sneak some campsites, rebel fishin, and some good woods, and  made our way to the Oregon Coast for some pirates treasure.  Dropping in from the top of Oregon, we hit up Astoria and Seaside skatepark the first day.  Astoria Skatepark is a really wide open park with a deep bowl at one end with quite a few hips and quarters to air, while Seaside is quite a bit tighter with some more pool like bowls.  Enough roastables at both spots.   A real cutty beach spot made for our evening residence, and Chris started a new band with me as the singer, wait for our new single to hit stores next month.

The Booty of the Oregon Coast is Lincoln City Skatepark.  It is enormous, and spans nearly the size of three normal parks put into one, babies got back.  Just go in the morning if you’re going to ride it to avoid pirate fights.  Our last spot before heading east was the small, and really shreddable bowl in Newport.  There are lines all over the park, that link the entire thing together, it’s fun.

We hit up Cougar Reservoir and the hot springs for a midnight full moon rebel mission to acquire some aquatic comas, and made our way back over McKenzie Pass for the Central Oregon Cascases to greet us. Our treasure chest was full of  good times, and vices conquered.  A big thanks to Chris, Brad, forest gnomes, and gasoline for the highest per capita trip of awesomeness through Oregon.

Dave Reuss

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They say you can take the kid out of Cottonwood, but ya can't take the Cottonwood outta the kid, which has led this small town time traveler in search of landscapes to ride far and near. Trail rider, snow smasher, roofer, undercover nerd, it's a mixed bag of good times.